Your Needs Assessment

A Needs Assessment is carried out to determine what level of support a student requires based on the appropriate evidence of disability provided by the student and information obtained from them on the impact of their disability and their academic course requirements. TUS accepts the same evidence of disability documentation required by the Disability Access Route to Education (DARE).



Once you make contact with the Disability Officer about registering, you will be emailed a link to your student email requiring you to complete an online Needs Assessment form. This link can also be accessed here (you will need to log in using your student email). The online Needs Assessment form captures the following information:

  • Nature of your disability or condition.
  • Previous support: what arrangements were made at secondary school, if any.
  • What difficulties do you have or anticipate you may have with your course.
  • Access to equipment and IT facilities.
  • How you think your education is impacted by your disability.
  • Do you take any medication or have additional medical needs.
  • Assistive technology support previously used, if any.
  • What exam supports you previously received, if any.

After the online Needs Assessment form is submitted, a member of the Disability Support Service will contact you to arrange a meeting to carry out your assessment. The Needs Assessment is a casual conversation with a member of the Disability Support Service, it normally lasts about one hour. It allows them to get to know you and to discuss what supports you had in the past, if any, and what worked best for you.

The answers to the questions from the online form, together with the information from your supporting documentation and the information obtained from you during the meeting on the impact of your autism and your academic course requirements will enable the staff member to draw up your Learning Education Needs Summary (LENS). This report details the reasonable accommodations / supports to be implemented during your time in university.

These supports can be changed over time as required. The assessment also helps determine whether or not you are eligible for these supports through relevant disability funding such as the HEA Fund for Students with Disabilities.

If you have any access needs or preferences to enable you to fully participate in the Needs Assessment, please do let us know ( It is very important to us that you are able to express your views and opinions so that we can ensure you get the most out of this process and that the recommendations we make are appropriate to your individual requirements.

How could this affect me?

“Supports / reasonable accommodations are put in place to assist autistic students to fully participate in their course”


Recommendations will vary from person to person, depending on your course, how your autism affects you and the impact on your studies.

During the assessment you will have the opportunity to ask questions or suggest strategies or equipment that you feel you may benefit from, or have worked for you in the past.

All recommendations must be considered in relation to the Fund for Students with Disabilities (FSD) regulations and guidance.

What to do next?

Contact our Disability Officer to book your appointment

Practical tips

Contact the Disability Officer as soon as possible to make an appointment

Disability Officer: Lisa Hanlon

Room number: D22

Email: or

Questions to think about

Click here to check out AsIAm for some good advice on things that might be useful to think about when you’re going through a Needs Assessment: